Bonus Track

Candice was so inspired by the project and all she learned about the human body and science, that she designed a second dress. The lines of the dress flow nicely with the body-worlds exhibit where the photoshoot took place.

Another shot of the bonus dress – which took its inspiration from the human body.

Another shot of the bonus dress.

The main Team OrphaCure dress can be worn without the cage and head-piece.

The Team OrphaCure dress with full actin cytoskeleton-inspired cage.

The back of the dress reveals an intricate web reminiscent of cell-cell junctions.

Bodyworlds was an amazing place for a Team OrphaCure photoshoot!


Candice was able to schedule a photoshoot at the Boston Bodyworlds exhibit where the pure form of the human body was on display. The dress, and all it represents, was an amazing pairing with the exquisite human bodies.

Photographer: Niki Lazaridou
Model: Diana Haney
MUA: Anastasia Nagaeva
Hair Stylist: Michael Albor
3D printing: DJ Gilbert@BOLT,EIR
Headpiece on bonus dress: House of cach
Videographer for BTS video: David Claar Jr