Final Look

The full look, with the model emerging from a cage that represents nuclei and actin stress fibers.

The model has shed her cage which represents emergence from rare disease.

Elegance with the intricacy of the human body in the background and mirrored in the texture of the dress.The back of the dress reveals an intricate web reminiscent of cell-cell junctions.

The intricate structure of cells is evident in this head-piece.

The full look.

The color and texture of the dress evokes the human body from the cellular level to the muscle and bone structures pictured at BodyWorlds.


There are thousands of genetic diseases that together affect Millions of Americans. Many of these people feel alone – even orphaned – because there are so few with whom they can share their experience. The science that inspired these dress melds experimental and computational biology to identify drugs that could be repurposed to treat genetic diseases.The design is inspired by the power and independence sparked within rare diseases patients by new technologies and treatments. The red heart of the dress represents the blood vessels that hold the endothelial cells that are key to the inspiring technology. The black bra is composed of a printed three-dimensional matrix that evokes cell-cell junctions. The model emerges from a green cage and a black train, which evoke actin stress fibers and emergence from disease to freedom. The shape and texture of the dress further reinforce the intricacy and complication associated with each rare genetic disease, but also the elegance and power that can emerge from them.

For the final look, the team gained permission to shoot at BodyWorlds. This exhibit celebrates the amazing intricacy of the human body, and was the perfect location to display our look that is inspired by patients with rare genetic diseases.